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Last Friday, Governor Snyder signed legislation which includes a change in the number of make-up days as a result of this winter's school closures. While the legislation does not eliminate all days, it does REDUCE the number of days Lake Orion Community Schools originally had to make up. The new schedule will be sent to staff and families by the end of the week. A special thanks to our Superintendent, School Board, and community members who contacted our legislators resulting in an amendment to the legislation spearheaded by Senator Jim Marleau.

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Make-Up Days for School Cancellations

Winter weather and power outages have caused cancellations at all Lake Orion Schools beyond the six days allowed by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE). There is proposed legislation (HB4295) that may favorably impact the number of days to make-up; however, while this legislation has passed in the House of Representatives, it is still pending in the Senate.

To be on the safe side, the District is assuming all missed days of instruction beyond the six allowed must be made up, and the school year will be extended. (In the event the legislation indicated above passes, we may have fewer days to make-up, and this schedule will be revised with immediate notification sent to parents.) Click here to see the make-up plan for each school.

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